How to Get the Most From Your Instagram Marketing

With more than one billion active users, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Advertising on the platform can increase your traffic, drive leads, and boost your revenue. In order to get the most from your Instagram advertising, you'll want to create a well-targeted ad campaign, build a budget, set a posting schedule, and monitor performance. If you use these tips to make the most of your Instagram advertising campaign, you'll soon be seeing results.

Once you've selected your audience, create a reporting table that displays metrics such as the cost per click, reach, and cost per result. Customize your reporting table by clicking on columns that best reflect your business's audience, or deselect those you don't. This reporting tool also lets you export your data for further analysis. You can also track your Instagram advertising campaign's ROI using a reporting tool, such as Mailchimp.

The next step is setting a budget. Instagram advertising is complicated, and advertisers have to make bids to get their ads seen. You must bid more than the highest bidder to guarantee ad placement. You can even choose a budget as low as $100 per day. If your ad is attracting a large number of followers, you should consider investing in ad space. You can boost your brand awareness, build a following, and increase your sales.


To target customers based on interests, Instagram offers powerful marketing tools. With Mailchimp, you can connect with customers and people who are similar to your customers on the platform. You can choose to pay for every click or for each 1000 impressions, depending on your budget and desired results. And, Instagram ads can be highly affordable if you use Mailchimp. You can also schedule your ad campaigns so that they reach the right people at the right time.

When creating an ad campaign on Instagram, keep in mind that your audience is very visual. A good ad must contain some type of multimedia element. The majority of Instagram posts contain a single photo or video with a call-to-action. A few people also use the Collection and Carousel features of the platform to show multiple images and videos in one post. In addition to the type of ad, its placement is equally important.

Instagram allows for advertisements to be as short as 60 seconds. This gives you maximum exposure and response for your ad, but keep in mind that time is precious these days. That's why short video ads are the best option for Instagram advertising. Video ads can also be effective if they are short, but don't forget about the potential for virality. Carousel ads encourage users to swipe up and discover more information about the product they're looking at.

Another example of a campaign that used Instagram to promote a popular show was Channel 4, the primary television channel in the U.K. This popular show aimed to reach young male and female users aged 16 to 34. Channel 4 opted to use Instagram exclusively for photos of the characters. Users were then asked to guess which character was related to each photo. It was a hit. It was a brilliant way to promote a new show!